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Chiropractic care treating sports injuries to achieve peak performance

Dr. Lauren Sporrer offers a new take on Chiropractic Care,  Sports Enhancement and Injury Prevention. With state-of-the-art chiropractic therapy techniques not readily available in the United States, Dr. Sporrer is outpacing other practitioners by providing an exceedingly excellent quality of care to her patients.  Read More…

The amount of time Dr. Sporrer spends with patients is much longer than the typical chiropractic or doctor visit.  With the initial visit lasting one hour and follow-up visits lasting 30 minutes, therapy treatment plans are shorter, the patient understands what is causing their pain or dysfunction and they know what they can do to help speed up recovery.  One of Dr. Sporrer’s goals is to empower patients that they can be part of the recovery solution to their pain and take control over their health and wellness.  One of the ways this is done is by educating the patient on their biggest take aways that can be done at home.  Between the take home exercises and the long treatment sessions recovery timeframes are greatly improved and less treatments are typically needed.

Chiropractic and Myofascial Treatment

What differentiates Dr. Sporrer from other chiropractors is her specialty in Myofascia Release through soft tissue therapy in addition to all the wonderful benefits of traditional chiropractic care.   Every injury has some form of a soft tissue component which must be treated to fully resolve the injury and myofascial treatment is the best way to do that.   Myofascial treatment is then combined with joint and tissue mobilization, specific rehabilitation exercises, and muscle strengthening for a well rounded approach to correcting the cause of the issue and providing each patient with unique care, specific to meet their goals and needs.

Personalized Therapy for Improved Injury Recovery

Every injury has some form of soft tissue component which must be addressed manually, via work done by someone’s hands, to fully resolve the injury. Myofascial release is the best therapy to address injuries, especially when in conjunction with all the benefits of traditional chiropractic care and rehabilitation. Dr. Sporrer combines many of these healing therapies with treatment so that your health and wellness is viewed from various perspectives and unique to your needs.

 Specialtizing in myofascial treatment through soft tissue therapy

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Sports Fitness Physical Therapy

If you need motion in a joint, you will be provided motion through treatment as well as home exercises.
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Treating Low Back Pain and Hip Pain

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Treating Neck Pain and Headaches

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  • Peachy Corp.

    Dr LL Sporer is excellent! Highly knowledgeable in all areas of athletics, nutrition and oils! A national and international diving coach for some of the best divers in the country. And she is great with AFLAC forms 😬 so I practically get pd to be there!

  • April Young

    Lauren is absolutely amazing. I have two herniated discs in my lower back and was in extreme pain. She not only helped relieve that pain, but taught me exercises at home to make the pain stay away. I highly recommend Lauren to all my friends and family.

  • Susanne D.

    Dr Lauren has helped me immensely with chronic muscle pain I have developed over the years. Not only is she a kind and caring person, she has very...

  • Staley M.

    Dr. Lauren Leroy is one of the kindest, most caring specialists I've ever worked with. She's thorough and conservative with her approach, which made me feel...

  • E-Zone Electric

    Dr. Lauren is great. She really get to know her patient and what the need is. She doesn't just go with a one size fits all treatment. She has treated my entire family and I several times. I refer her to people that have all types serve pain and problems. She has treated me for sprained ankle was, pulled muscles, aching back, and plantar fasciitis. I will continue to use her for years to come

  • Shawn E.

    Dr. Lauren has help me and my wife through several running injuries. She is very patient and really takes time to understand her patients and their needs.

  • Kris Polmanteer

    Dr. Lauren is amazing! She has helped me many times over the past 3 years. I have her do deep tissue work to relieve my pain and muscle issues. I've been treated for back issues and shoulder issues. What used to take 3-5 days to work through just to get out of bed, she can have me moving again in hours. She has treated every member in my family for similar issues and everyone loves her. What I really appreciate is that she educates you on how to correct issues and get on a preventative program on your own at home. She also isn't afraid to refer you to a specialist if she's not able to help you. Thank you, Lauren!

  • Randy LeJeune

    We love Dr. Lauren because she spends the time to understand our needs and it doesn't alway result in an immediate adjustment. Her deep tissue work is to die for. We would bring our athlete swimmers to her prior to end of season championships. Anyone involved in swim, or sports, understands the extreme workouts our young athletes undergo and Dr. Lauren's work just get's the muscles and body ready for the final push of the season. Great for TAPERING because she helps the body repair and get ready for Championships. Thank you Dr. Lauren for the years of helping a family of athletes.

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