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Chiropractic care treating sports injuries to achieve peak performance

Dr. Lauren Sporrer offers a new take on Chiropractic Care,  Sports Enhancement and Injury Prevention. With state-of-the-art chiropractic therapy techniques not readily available in the United States, Dr. Sporrer is outpacing other practitioners by providing an exceedingly excellent quality of care to her patients.  Read More…

The amount of time Dr. Sporrer spends with patients is much longer than the typical chiropractic or doctor visit.  With the initial visit lasting one hour and follow-up visits lasting 30 minutes, therapy treatment plans are shorter, the patient understands what is causing their pain or dysfunction and they know what they can do to help speed up recovery.  One of Dr. Sporrer’s goals is to empower patients that they can be part of the recovery solution to their pain and take control over their health and wellness.  One of the ways this is done is by educating the patient on their biggest take aways that can be done at home.  Between the take home exercises and the long treatment sessions recovery timeframes are greatly improved and less treatments are typically needed.

Chiropractic and Myofascial Treatment

What differentiates Dr. Sporrer from other chiropractors is her specialty in Myofascia Release through soft tissue therapy in addition to all the wonderful benefits of traditional chiropractic care.   Every injury has some form of a soft tissue component which must be treated to fully resolve the injury and myofascial treatment is the best way to do that.   Myofascial treatment is then combined with joint and tissue mobilization, specific rehabilitation exercises, and muscle strengthening for a well rounded approach to correcting the cause of the issue and providing each patient with unique care, specific to meet their goals and needs.

Personalized Therapy for Improved Injury Recovery

Every injury has some form of soft tissue component which must be addressed manually, via work done by someone’s hands, to fully resolve the injury. Myofascial release is the best therapy to address injuries, especially when in conjunction with all the benefits of traditional chiropractic care and rehabilitation. Dr. Sporrer combines many of these healing therapies with treatment so that your health and wellness is viewed from various perspectives and unique to your needs.

 Specialtizing in myofascial treatment through soft tissue therapy

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If you need motion in a joint, you will be provided motion through treatment as well as home exercises.
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Treating Low Back Pain and Hip Pain

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Treating Neck Pain and Headaches

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  • stephen hodges

    I was always a non believer of "Chiropractors" but went to see Dr. Lauren on advice from a colleague. That turned out to be a life changing choice for me and as her sessions have re-stored almost full mobility to my chronic neck issues.

    Dr. Lauren takes a holistic approach combining manipulation, aromatherapy, take home exercises and practical recommendations for "home work" both physical and mental. She listens well and has a great bedside manner.

    It may be a bit telling that since I have moved from the Spring area, I still drive 90 minutes one way just to see her. I highly recommend her services to anyone.

  • Debbie Conway

    I was blessed to be referred to Dr. Lauren by a friend for my “worst case she has ever seen” frozen shoulder. I was not even able to saddle my own horse and was told I needed a shoulder replacement at 52 years old. Dr. Lauren outlined goals for me and with an intense stretching and massage program, i have significant range of motion back and strength enough to saddle my horse and actually curl my own hair!! Every member of my family know goes to her. She is conscientious and concerned about your overall health not just chiropractic servicing!!
    Highly recommend!

  • Jessica S.

    Dr. LeRoy has helped me push through some really painful injuries. She worked with me through a variety of physical rehabilitation techniques to help me...

  • Tom Woolley

    Lauren fixed my chronic backpain after only 1 visit, but I keep going because she's just amazing! She loosens up my lower back so that I can keep running my business and playing with my 3 active kids. Not only that, but she uses essential oils, which I love, and she took the time to talk to me about how I was sleeping, how my back feels when I wake up, and also looked at the way I walk. I recommend her to any and everyone that I know that needs help!

  • Alicia Simpson

    Best chiro I have ever had! She always makes sure to fix me! Not only is she great at her craft but Lauren is also extremely nice and personable! You can tell she truly is passionate about what she does and she will work very hard to make sure all of her patients are feeling better after each visit.

  • Susanne D.

    Dr Lauren has helped me immensely with chronic muscle pain I have developed over the years. Not only is she a kind and caring person, she has very...


    Dr. Lauren is wonderful!!!
    I went to her with a badly hurt back and she was professional, reassuring, super friendly and incredibly helpful.
    I’m a gym instructor and my body takes a pounding and since I’ve been going to Lauren I hardly ever get back pain anymore. I go to see her about once a month now so I can stay pain free.

    I highly recommend her!

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