The rarest essential oil, back in stock!

Melissa is back but only while supplies last

One of the reasons I love this company the most is because they are willing to say no. They put quality and safety first over profits. That’s how we ran out of Melissa in the first place.

The plants that make up essential oils are grown in various parts of the country based on where we find them naturally. Like with farming any crop, there are natural obstacles to overcome such as seasonal rain or drought. When a crop is harvested and turned in to an essential oil through a slow process (in this case through steam distillation) the chemistry of that oil is then tested numerous times for purity and safety. If the chemical profile does not fit the standard of what the ideal profile should look like for that plant, the oil is not bottled and sold.
Without proper chemistry we don’t have effectiveness in the body. Essential oils are just smells without chemistry. Even if the chemistry is only slightly changed (we call this adulterated) it can and will compromise the safety of that essential oil.
This process of being scientifically snotty, having the highest standards of quality and testing, makes us different from any other essential oil company.
Click here to learn more about the chemistry of essential oils and how they actually, scientifically proven, work in the body and brainĀ

Melissa is a very potent mood stabilizer. Consider it an upper, helping to balance, regulate, and up lift mood. This is one of the reasons it has been so greatly missed! Many people find great relief with consistent, regular use of this essential oil.
Very high in anti-viral chemistry, Melissa is also used for immunity and calming.

The oil has been back for almost a week and hasn’t sold out yet but there is a limited amount available so it’s recommended that people purchase as soon as possible.

Best wishes to all and prayers for a safe and blessed Easter!

Dr. Lauren