Dr. Sporrer, Doctor of Chiropractic – The Woodlands Chiropractor

My name is Dr. Lauren Sporrer. My story begins as a young gymnast when I experienced a serious neck injury that ended my career early. Thankfully, I had a full recovery but I wasn’t satisfied with my care. While there wasn’t any permanent damage, there also wasn’t any thought to the long-term effects fusing my cervical spine might have on the rest of my body. No rehab, no advice, just surgery. I knew then I wanted to help others in similar situations, especially athletes, and provide alternative options to help regain control over their health.

Since I seemed to be good at landing on my head, my sister taught me how to dive. Needless to say, Oshkosh, Wisconsin was not the diving capital of the world so when the opportunity came to attend the University of Tennessee on a diving scholarship, I jumped at the offer. Tennessee brought about amazing changes in my career and life, including an SEC championship on the 3 meter board, three SEC medals, and two NCAA Honorable Mention All-American awards. Unfortunately, I struggled with knee pain throughout my career. The pain affected my training, my confidence, and sometimes my competitions. After I hung up the speedo, I had knee surgery hoping it would fix my pain but my symptoms persisted. I knew there had to be a better way. What if I could have prevented my knee problems, practiced without pain, and competed worry free? That thought drove me throughout my career at chiropractic college and I did all I could to learn more about the body and the latest techniques to outsmart injury.

I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in June 2012. I specialized in sports enhancement, injury prevention, and dsc_0120bw_idearehabilitation. I was very active on campus as a Rehab Intern, Motion Palpation Student Representative, and a Physical Therapy Teaching Aid. Upon graduation, I was nominated for the Clinical Excellence Award as well as the Philosophy Award. With over 220 hours of additional adjusting experience from some of the best doctors in the country, as well as countless hours of training in prevention and rehabilitation, I am confident I can provide one of a kind care that is unique to you and your needs. I want to help identify the weakest links in your training with the goal of preventing future injuries or stumbling blocks in your career.

After graduation I spent some time at Dixon Family Chiropractic, revamping their active therapies and facilitating a new rehabilitation program that is still practiced today. I’m currently an assistant coach at the Woodland’s Diving Academy. I watch, assess, and correct the biomechanics of athletic movements every day and include many rehab techniques in to the core, strength and conditioning, and plyometric diving workouts. Incorporating these techniques aids in injury prevention, otherwise coined as prehab, and maximal strength, stability, and performance.