Why would I use Essential Oils?

Research has proven that continued levels of stress will impact your body’s ability to function properly. Our daily lives are confronted with multiple challenges every day, such as meeting deadlines, paying bills and juggling childcare that make your body react the same way. As a result, your body’s natural alarm system — the “fight or flight” response — may be stuck in the on position. And that can have serious consequences for your health because the body is constantly being flooded with hormones that elevate your heart rate and increased blood pressure.

Research studies on essential oils show positive effects for a variety of health concerns including infections, pain, anxiety, depression, tumors, premenstrual syndrome, nausea, and many others. In addition to continued research are customer testimonials. It is one thing to read a sellers facts about their product but it’s entirely different when consumer’s testimonies confirm these facts. There are many stories of amazing things that essential oils have helped remedy.

Where to buy Essential Oils in The Woodlands Tx

How would I use Essential Oils?

Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

Because essential oils are so potent, more is not necessarily better. To achieve the desired results, 1-3 drops of oil are usually adequate but this all depends on the age of the person and the chemical make up of the essential oil.  The chemical make up of the essential oil will be determined by the plant and the brand quality of the essential oil.  Dr. Lauren only recommends one brand in particular and this is the brand she teaches on in her essential oil classes.

For specific questions and details on how to use essential oils safely, attend one of her essential oil classes or schedule your own individual essential oil class.

My daughter suffers from airborne seasonal threats. We have two dogs, which never affected her before until recently, and she would begin sneezing the minute she woke up until she arrived at school. This only occurred in the morning as the evening time she was fine. We began using a diffuser in her room at night when she slept with Breathe Essential Oil and within a week we began to notice a difference. Three months later she no longer sneezes and feels better rested. This is just one of a few testimonies I can give about Essential Oils and their benefit to our family’s health.
-Randy L

Massage and AromaTouch

Massages can be invigorating, relaxing, stimulating, or soothing, and essential oils applied using massage can help enhance these benefits. Another simple and yet powerful technique for applying certain oils along the entire length of the spine and on the feet. This application of 8 essential oils has been shown to help achieve feelings of stress reduction, immune enhancement, inflammatory response reduction, and homeostasis.

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Essential Oils Introductory Class

Visit one of our monthly classes at the office starting at 7 PM on the first Monday of every month. This class provides practical uses for anyone desiring to learn more about essential oils and how to integrate into your everyday life.
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Additional Popular Methods of Application may include:

Diffusion: The easiest and simplest way of putting a fine mist of the whole oil into the air for inhalation is to use a nebulizing diffuser. An ultrasonic nebulizer uses ultrasonic vibrations to convert oil mixed with water into a fine water vapor. When diffused in this manner, the oils, with their oxygenating molecules, will then remain suspended for several hours to freshen and improve the quality of the air.


Other methods of essential oil application are discussed in Dr. Lauren’s essential oil classes.