Treating Neck Pain and Headacheswith our Chiropractic Services

The cause of neck pain involves two main body systems: joint and muscle. From Dr. Sporrer’s experience, a main cause of neck pain is related to muscle neck-pain-chiropractorimbalances and the resulting distortion of that tissue. Treatment using myofascial release has been extremely successful for her patients. When warranted and only with patient approval, joint manipulation can also be very effective. Visiting a chiropractor does not mean your neck or any other part of your spine has to be adjusted. Dr. Sporrer believes in creating an environment where the patient feels comfortable and in control of their health care choices.

Correcting neck pain doesn’t stop there. Addressing any postural issues and associated muscle imbalances is important for total correction. Many times creating small cues to aid in general awareness, such as where to position the rear view mirror in our car, is a small step that can lead to a lifetime postural change that will decrease the chances of neck pain.

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