Essential Oil Classes

In our Essential Oil class you will more knowledgeable with a thorough understanding about the proper usage of essential oils in an effective manner!  Our classes discuss:

Where to buy Essential Oils in The Woodlands Tx
  • What are essential oils and why they are popular
  • Essential oils are nature’s medicine
  • The proper use of essential oils in a safe and effective manner
  • Controlling your health with essential oils
  • Pain and stress remedies with essential oils
  • And much, much more

Essential Oils for the Family

join-team-essential-oilsI am a piece to a puzzle that is much greater than myself. We share alternatives, options for healthcare, new perspectives, answers and HOPE with people in our communities. I get to give people choices so they are informed and can make their own decisions based on what’s best for them. I educate and nurture people where they are and help them reach their goals of health, wellness, and financial stability. Whether it be as a career or customer, each contact is purposeful, impactful/important, and has the ability to make a ripple effect of positive change that I may not always see the result of but am certain happens.

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Essential Oils Introductory Class

Join me for an essential oils 101 class at my office!  I love to teach and teaching about essential oils is quite possibly my favorite because they are so easy to implement outside my office.  In a class you’ll smell and experience each essential oil and learn how they can help you with sleep, stress, immunity and so much more.  Let me know you’re interested and I’ll contact you with information on the next class or we can schedule a free personal consultation.

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Essential oils have changed my life and made my purse so much lighter! I used to have to carry 4 or more different meds for headaches, stomach issues, and anxiety. Thanks to essential oils, I only need to carry peppermint, a stomach blend, and a citrus blend. Okay, maybe a few of my other favorites too! They really help for fast relief when needed and I have noticed they work as quick pick me ups when I am feeling down from allergies, stress, or poor mood. Overall, they just make me feel better, I love my oils and never leave home without them!

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Join My Team

Working with Essential Oils for Healthier LivingHow to get involved with Essential Oils?

The essential oils movement is starting. Families all over the country are learning how oils can provide health and wellness for their loved ones but so many healthy-happy-familypeople remain to be reached making this is the prime opportunity to get involved. We are a service oriented and vision led team that spans the country, from Washington to Wisconsin with a strong base in Texas. Join the essential oil movement! Learn how to share oils with others and teach individuals and families how they can use essential oils in their daily lives, all while building a stable income. I am looking for people who desire new challenges, want to learn, empower other people, and develop personally all while being coached to reach their definition of success. Take a leap of faith and allow essential oils to transform your life and your finances!

Where to buy Essential Oils?

The Oils provided by Dr. Sporrer are more potent and pure compared to those online brands.  Our Essential Oils have been tested and retested to ensure consistency between batches for purity and potency. These test also ensure the essential oils are free of contaminants after the distillation process and the chemical structure meet the highest quality control for safety and effectiveness in usage.

In addition to being your provider of Essential Oils, you get Dr. Sporrer’s personalized expertise, instructing you on proper treatments and options. It’s wise to work with an expert.